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We understand that not everyone is able to join us for Sunday morning worship time. It is for that reason that these resources are provided to you. Please feel free to download our weekly bulletins, audio sermons, or both.

P E R R Y   P R E S   R E S O U R C E S

W E E K L Y     B U L L E T I N

Perry Presbyterian provides a weekly bulletin to our Congregation.

Please click on the link for the most recent bulletins.





A U D I O   S E R M O N S


Click the link below to go to the download page. You will be able to download audio recordings from our Audio Resource Library.  The 2016 sermons are in .wav format but can be downloaded as .wav or .mp3



If the archived 2015 sermons don't open, you need to open the 2016 Sermons first, then click on the Archived 2015 button.

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