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Reference links for spiritual questions.


Alister McGrath:  Why Christians should be involved in the sciences                        

Alister McGrath:  Science and the Bible; Answers to Richard Dawkins                      


Phillip Ryken:  How is Christ both God and man?                                                         


Tim Keller:  Is it fair for God to judge people for not believing?                                  


Tim Keller:  Is Christianity true?                                                                                     


Tim Keller:  How does someone get to heaven?                                                           


Bryan Chapell:  What is hell?                                                                                         


John Piper:  The eternality of hell                                                                                  


John Piper:  Pluralism - What about Muslims and Hindus and others?                      


John Piper:  Limited Atonement in 8 minutes                                                               


Tim Keller:  Is there a hell?                                                                                              


Tim Keller:  What is the Bible really about?                                                                   


Alister McGrath:  The need for both heart and mind for Christians                           


Alister McGrath:   How do I know my experiences are genuine?                                 


Don Carson on Prayer and God’s Omniscience                                                             


Tim Keller:  Does Prayer change things?                                                                       


William Lane Craig:  Can we trust the Bible?                                                                


John Piper: Can we trust the 66 books of the Bible?                                                     


Tim Keller: Is The whole Bible reliable?                                                                         


Tim Keller:  Is the Bible literally true?                                                                            


Carl Trueman:  How did we get the Bible ?                                                                    


D. A. Carson:   What is inerrancy?                                                                                   


Ravi Zacharias:   Why should we believe the Bible?                                                     


R. C. Sproul:  The Biblical Doctrine of Predestination                                                  


William Lane Craig:  How can we say Christianity is the truth?                                   


R. C. Sproul:  Limited or Particular Atonement?                                                            


R. C. Sproul:  Total Depravity Part 1                                                                                


R. C. Sproul   Total Depravity Part 2                                                                                


R. C. Sproul   Total Depravity Part 3                                                                                 


Michael Horton:  The Doctrine of Justification                                                               


R. C. Sproul:   The Importance of Justification                                                               


Michael Horton:  Christless Christianity                                                                        


Michael Horton:   What is the Gospel?                                                                           


Tim Keller:  The Reason for God Part 1                                                                          


Tim Keller:  The Reason for God Part 2  (Q & A)                                                            


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